Tropical Cyclone Marcia - Are You Storm Ready?

Tropical Cyclone Marcia will cross the coast near Yeppoon early tomorrow (20 February) and South-East Queensland is again bracing for severe weather conditions including damaging winds and flooding.

As Tropical Cyclone Marcia escalates, we are being asked the important question "Are You Storm Ready?". Minimise the risk to your property and person by following these simple tips.

Prior To An Extreme Weather Event

  • If possible, move any electrical equipment to higher ground. Turn off and unplug electrical appliances that can't be relocated.

  • Charge your phones and radios to ensure you are kept up to date with your local emergency services. If you have a battery operated radio that is ideal - remember to stock up on spare batteries!

  • Ensure essential medical supplies and personal effects are protected from water damage and kept close by.

  • Secure loose items in your yard to prevent further damage from floodwaters or damaging winds.

  • Ensure gutters and drains are clear to allow water to drain away quickly.

During An Extreme Weather Event

  • Keep unessential travel to a minimum.

  • Listen to local radio stations for weather advice and warnings.

  • Follow instructions from local authorities.

  • Be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

After an Extreme Weather Event

  • Ensure all electrical appliances affected by water are inspected by a licensed electrical contractor before use.

  • Have a licensed electrical contractor check or isolate any parts of your electrical installation that have been affected by water - especially if the switchboard has been submerged or if your safety switch has tripped.

  • Take extra care around your switchboard. If you're in any doubt about your switchboard's safety, stay clear and call a licensed electrical contractor.

  • Take care when cleaning up. Fallen powerlines may be hidden in branches, debris or water and can be extremely dangerous. If you find a fallen powerline, keep well away, warn others and call Energex on 13 19 62 or Triple Zero (000).

  • People with solar panels on their roofs should be aware that in the event that electricity supply is disconnected from their home, the panels may still be generating electricity at a dangerous voltage and present an electrical risk. Stay well away from the system until a licensed electrical contractor has been able to attend and make the system safe.

Stay safe and dry Queenslanders! From the team at Love Electrical.

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